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Get artsy with home design: Bring in some Steampunk gear

Thestyle of Steampunk has made its way into home décor. The word Steampunk is associated with a Victorian-era ambiance when ...

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Bringing the Scandinavian style to your living room décor

Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. The design has emerged as one of the most recognized home ...

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Put that old towel to use in cool recycled products

If you have recently opened your linen closet and sighed with defeat at the towels and sheets that are now ...

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Organize your bathroom with the best shower caddies

It is annoying when you have prepared your bath but cannot find the soap and have to rush out again ...

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Make a bold style statement with the coolest coat hangers and racks

Who would have thought that a utility item as tiny as a coat hanger could be used to make a ...

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Here it is: Even your water bottle has gone high-tech

Hot in design or hot in technology, the seemingly mundane appearing water bottles have been taken and spun around to ...

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Daybeds are great company for your furniture

Daybeds are becoming more popular due to their compact size and ability to act both as a bed and as ...

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Dorm room design ideas that can save space and still be cool

Gone are the days when decorating a dorm room meant getting a huge poster and arranging a shelf. Décor options ...

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Give the gift of automation to your home window blinds

When it is moderately sunny outside and you have to get up and adjust your window blinds to let in ...

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90K Smart Lock

Get more security with these biometric protection systems for your home

How secure is your home when you are outside? Who is guarding your paradise while you are away? These are ...

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Bohemian style ambiance (1)

Creating a perfect blend of a Bohemian style ambiance at your home

To create a masterpiece out of your house, the interior decoration should complement your imagination. For a shabby –chic flavor ...

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Gadgets and surveillance systems that can make your home more secure

Your home is where your valuables lie most exposed. Bringing the apex of technology to make your life much more ...

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